The change I would like to propose is to bring the role of the Canteen Manager up to date and to represent what is currently occurring within the role.
The main change is to reword the role and to include in the constitution the mention of a ‘Heads of Agreement’ with the Canteen Manager and the clubs Executive Committee.
I propose that the wording listed below to be adopted as the Canteen Managers role.
To read

12-1-16 Canteen Manager
a) The Canteen Manager is responsible for the profitable running of the clubs canteen.
b) The Canteen Manager must sign a Heads of Agreement document with the Treasurer each year. This document outlines the role of the Canteen Manager, the expectations of the Canteen Manager by clubs Executive Committee, the responsibilities of the Canteen Manager, the responsibilities of the club to the Canteen Manager and the remuneration package for the year.
c) Be responsible for the prompt banking of canteen revenue as outlined in the Heads of Agreement.

UNDER 18’s
it proposed that the roles of the Football Manager Youth & the Football Manager Men be amended so that the Football Manager Youth assumes the responsibility of managing the Under 18’s Teams, instead of the Football Manager Men. The exact wording of the Constitutional Amendments will be provided on the night.

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