Please see below for the times & details for our Junior & Youth Trial Games to be held on Saturday 9th March at Narara Valley High School against Ourimbah FC. Team kits will be available to team managers for collection on the day.

There will be further trial games on 16th & 23rd March and we will notify you as soon as times are confirmed.

We look forward to seeing you all next Saturday! Have a great game everyone!


 (Small Sided Games 12 min halves)   Duration: 25mins
Time Gosford Team Ourimbah Team Field
8:00 AM U5S1 OURU5 1A
8:00 AM U6D1 OURU6 1C
8:00 AM U6D2 OURU6 1D
8:00 AM U6D3 OURU6 1B
8:30 AM U5S2 U5S2 1A
8:30 AM U7L1 OURU7 1C
8:30 AM U7L2 OURU7 1D
9:00 AM U7T1 OURU7 1A
9:00 AM U7T2 OURU7 1B
U8-U9   (Quarter field games 15 min halves)   Duration: 35mins
Time Gosford Team Ourimbah Team Field
8:00 AM U8O1 OURU8 2A
8:00 AM U8O2 OURU8 2B
8:40 AM U9D OURU9 2B
8:40 AM U8J2 OURU8 2A
9:20 AM U8J1 OURU8 2A
9:20 AM U8W1 OURU9 2B
10:00 AM U9B OURU9 2A
10:00 AM U9C OURU9 2B
10:40 AM U9A OURU9 2A
(Half field games 20 min halves)    Duration: 45mins
Time Gosford Team Ourimbah Team Field
9:30 AM U10C OUR10C 1E
10:15 AM U10A OUR10A 1E
11:00 AM U11D OUR11D 1E
11:20 AM U11C OUR11B 2F
11:45 AM U11B OUR11A 1E
U12-U18 (Half field games 20 min halves)     
Time Gosford Team Ourimbah Team Field
12:30 PM U12D OUR12D Full Field
1:15 PM U12B OUR12C Full Field
2:00 PM U12A OUR12B Full Field
2:45 PM U13B OUR13C Full Field
3:30 PM U14E OUR14D/E Full Field
4:15 PM U14D OUR13A Full Field
5:00 PM U16E OUR15B Full Field
5:45 PM U16A OUR15A Full Field
6:30 PM U18B OUR18B Full Field

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