Please see below for the times & details of our last Junior Trial Games (u5s to u11s) scheduled for Saturday 23rd March at Narara Valley High School against Kincumber. Please note that this these times are for JUNIORS ONLY. Youth trials are also scheduled on the same day but at Pluim Park and times will be posted shortly.
Teams have been allocated with field set up and pack up. A big thank you to all of the teams who helped last Saturday. It was greatly appreciated!
Currently Narara Valley High School grounds are closed as they are very wet. The grounds will be inspected Thursday afternoon and if they are still too wet then the trial will be cancelled. All coaches and managers will be emailed only if cancelled and it will also be posted on our website and social media.
U5-U7 - Small Sided Games   12 min halves Duration: 25mins  
Time Home Team Opponent Field Set up/Pack up
8:00 AM GOS U5S1 KIN U5S1 1A Set up
8:00 AM GOS U5S2 KIN U5S2 1B Set up
8:00 AM KIN U5S3 KIN U5D5 1C  
8:00 AM KIN U5S4 KIN U5S6 1D  
8:30 AM GOS U6D1 KIN U6D1 1A  
8:30 AM GOS U6D2 KIN U6D2 1B  
8:30 AM GOS U6D3 KIN U6D3 1C  
8:30 AM KIN U6D4 KIN U6D5 1D  
9:00 AM KIN U6D6 KIN U7T6 1A  
9:00 AM GOS U7T1 KIN U7T1 1B  
9:00 AM GOS U7T2 KIN U7T2 1C  
9:00 AM KIN U7T3 KIN U7L3 1D  
9:30 AM KIN U7T4 KIN U7T5 1A  
9:30 AM GOS U7L1 KIN U7L2 1B Pack up
9:30 AM GOS U7L2 KIN U7L2 1C Pack up
9:30 AM KIN U7S1 KIN U7S2 1D  
U8-U9 - Quarter field games   15min halves Duration: 35mins  
Time Gosford Team Ourimbah Team Field Set up/Pack up
8:00 AM GOS U8O2 KIN U8O2 2A Set up
8:00 AM GOS U8O1 KIN U8O1 2B Set up
8:40 AM GOS U8J1 KIN U8J1 2A  
8:40 AM GOS U8J2 KIN U8J2 2B  
9:20 AM GOS U8W1 KIN U8W 2A  
9:20 AM KIN U9D-1 KIN U9D-2 2B  
10:00 AM GOS U9D KIN U9C 2A  
10:00 AM GOS U9B KIN U9B-1 2B  
9:20 AM KIN U9D-1 KIN U9D-2 2B  
10:00 AM GOS U9C KIN U9B-2 2A  
10:00 AM GOS U9A KIN U9A 2B  
10:40 AM GOS U9D KIN U9C 2A Pack up
10:40 AM GOS U9B KIN U9B-1 2B Pack up
U10-U11 - Half field games 20 minute halves  Duration: 45mins  
Time Gosford Team Ourimbah Team Field Set up/Pack up
10:00 AM GOS U10C KIN U10B 1E Set up
10:50 AM GOS U10A KIN U10A 1E  
11:40 AM KIN U10C KIN U10D 1E  
12:30 PM GOS U11D KIN U11D 1E  
1:20 PM GOS U11C KIN U11B 1E  
2:10 PM GOS U11B KIN U11A-2 1E Pack up

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